Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar (Burma)Mawlamyine, Mon State, Myanmar (Burma)

Mawlamyine is the capital of Mon State and the fourth largest city in Myanmar. Mawlamyine is located 300 km southeast of Yangon. Mawlamyine is an ancient Mon town. Mawlamyine is a quiet town and the buildings really are quite old. That makes you feel like you are in an era far removed from the present. Mawlamyine is a city on the banks of the Thanlwin River. Alongside the river, you’ll find Strand Road where you can see beautiful sunset views. The town notable landmark is the Kyaik Than Lan pagoda. The other famous place in Mawlamyine is Bilu Kyun, Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda, Win Sein Taw Ya, and Kha Yon Cave. Now I want to share some famous places in Mawlamyine.

Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda

Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda is located on a hill overlooking the city. The Kyaik than Lan pagoda was erected in 875 A.D. during the reign of King Mutpi Raja. Upon the hill, it’s a narrow road as you see many of the older colonial buildings when it was capital under British rule. It is also a place to get a good view of Mawlamyine, a quiet and serene place to view the city of Mawlamyine and the magical sunset. It is one of the best tourists attractions place in Mawlamyine. There is also a memorial to the famous Thingaza Sayadaw who passed away in Mawlamyine in 1900.

Bilu Kyun or Bilu island

Bile island is large with more than 60 villages on the island. It is a beautiful and amazing island located west of Mawlamyine. The main ethnic groups living on the island are Mon people. Now the island is famous for its well-preserved and distinctive Mon culture. On the island, all local transport is by horse and cart, though the more distant villages can be linked by one of the few rattling buses. Rice paddies and rubber plantation provide many livings on this island. Some of Bilu island’s villages are associated with the production of various handicrafts and household items from coconut-fibre mats to slate tablets.

Win Sein Tawya 

Win Sein Tawya is the largest reclining Buddha in the world, 30 meters high and 180 meters in length can be seen for miles. Inside the reclining Buddha, you’ll see images and smaller statues of another historically notable monk. It also contains scores of dioramas of the teachings of Buddha with captions with an emphasis on the afterlife. The Buddha is huge and you might want to give yourself an hour to explore it. 

Kha Yon Cave

Kha Yon cave is also one of the religious destinations in Mawlamyine Line and is situated close by the road from Mawlamyine to Hpa-An. Kha‐Yone Cave is one of the natural limestone caves in Kha‐Yone Village. There are caves in the hills of Pa-an, and this is one of them. The B