Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma)Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar (Burma)

Taunggyi is the capital and largest city of Shan States, situated in the southern Shan State and is the capital town of Shan States. Taunggyi is the biggest city in eastern Myanmar. It is 4.712feet above sea level and has a moderate climate. Taunggyi means “Huge Mountain” in the Burmese language. It is situated on a high plateau surrounded by high mountains. The distance between Yangon and Taunggyi is 456 miles and can be reached by road directly. A multicultural town with a majority Shan population and significant Chinese, Muslim and Christian communities. Taunggyi is a  beautiful hill town full of interesting places.

Taunggyi is full of hills and almost every hill has a pagoda. The Sulamuni Pagoda is also worth to visit while you’re in Taunggyi. This is an impressive pagoda in a very beautiful location. This pagoda ‘style is the same style of Bagan Pagoda. Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda is also famous lies in the mountain ridge, 40-minute walking from the east of Taunggyi. On the hill to the northeast of Taunggyi, the Mya Sein Taung Pagoda is situated. It has the stupas of 8m high and the Buddha bronze statue of 3m high. As the hill is 1524m above the sea level, you contemplate the beautiful Taunggyi City from this spot. Another interesting place in Shan State Cultural Museum & Library that displays local ethnic-group outfits, you’ll also find a handful of displays of weapons, musical instruments, and jewellery. 

The Taunggyi fire balloon festival is held for several days around the Full Moon of Tazaungmone, which is a national holiday and marks the end of the rainy season. The fire balloon festival, as it is known amongst tourists, is aptly named. The festival features fireworks and a startling array of different balloon designs, with competitions for style and elevation achieved. Videos of balloons engulfed in flames exploding amongst on people who look the balloons have become wildly popular on YouTube. For those people who are afraid of exploding there is a VIP room available, you can watch with protective glass from a safer distance. This iconic festival is the biggest festival in the country. It is attended not only by Taunggyi Citizens but also by people from southern Shan State and many different races.

There are also a variety of tasty local Shan dishes to be tried out, as well as a range of wines at the nearby Aythaya vineyard. The Aythya vineyard is the site of the first vineyard in Myanmar and located high up in the mountain in Taunggyi. This is one of the two vineyards in Myanmar that you should not miss. The vineyard provides a great view of Ayetharyar town, especially during sunset. There are pines, cherry and eucalyptus trees growing all over the town and the whole area is green and pleasant. Taunggyi’s night market is also the place to go for bargain local eats like Shan Noodle, Shan-style rice, local tea tasting and supper for traditional snacks or Indian cuisine and snacks.